These Are The Symptoms Of Diabetes Complications

You can develop symptoms of diabetes complications at the time when you still have prediabetes (undiagnosed diabetes) or when you have started treating real diabetes. Failure to diagnose diabetes early results into multiple health problems. So you can avoid these problems by identifying early symptoms of diabetes complications and seeking medical help.

Symptoms of diabetes complications start immediately you cross from prediabetes stage to diabetes stage. These symptoms are as a result of high blood sugar level in the body. If you do not take an action after noticing the diabetes symptoms, they will progress into serious complications, which may be impossible to reverse. So be on the alert when you notice any of these symptoms of diabetes complications

Symptoms of diabetes complications

1. Impaired vision

hbeu46tutkhfndtehDiabetes weakens blood capillaries (small blood vessels) causing blood leakage. This causes damages the retina and may result in impaired vision. During early stages, you will start feeling pain in the eyes. Severe cases can lead to blindness.

2. Muscle cramps and fatigue

Diabetes suppresses normal functioning of the kidneys because the kidneys get overworked. Severe cases may even lead to kidney failure. This will make you feel fatigued, not only to your muscles but even to the brain. So if you start feeling tired to a point where you cannot think clearly, it may be a symptom of diabetes complications.

3. Numbness and feet weakness

Diabetes affects the nerves thus lowering sensation, especially in the hands and feet. This can cause abnormal swelling of ankles and legs or feel pain in the calves especially when you are walking. In the end, you may not be able to walk or tolerate physical activities that you used to do.

4. Chest pain and breathing problems

Diabetes weakens the heart because it affects the blood circulatory systems. You can start experiencing shortness of breath and chest pain. Your blood pressure and heart rate will also keep on fluctuating. Sometimes you may feel like your heart is pounding or racing.

5. Inability to sense the urge of urinating

rhde5u46hfmyt6When you have diabetes complications, you may not be able to recognize when your bladder is full. This may cause some embarrassments at the most unexpected moments. So seek help immediately you start experiencing this so as to avoid such embarrassments.

Other symptoms related to diabetes complications are the loss of hair especially on the legs, one side of your body becoming paralyzed, low sexual performance, and frequent vomiting and nausea.

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